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This week’s winning team is Crusty Jugglers

After a few weeks of the ESF quiz being active, it’s about time we delve into reviews of its progress.

This week was relatively quiet, featuring a total of 23 teams. In contrast, … Read more....

The Muckin’ Fuppets are on a run!

The Muckin’ Fuppets.

Following several nail-bitingly close finishes and recent triumphs, the Muckin Fuppets extend their winning streak with yet another impressive victory. They stand out as our powerhouse team at The BuccleuchRead more....

Creepy Blinders and Some Evil Random

It’s been a while…..Creepy Blinders!

After a few here-and-there show-ups, the Creepy Blinders are back in the game with another win. They kicked off with ZERO points but hustled their way to … Read more....