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Deal Or No Deal

Cuddie Brae 07/09/23

The Boys From Brazil Are Back!

The Boys From Brazil won on their return!


It was a close-fought battle to the victory with The Boys From Brazil holding off the chasing pack for another win. There isn’t much between … Read more....

Cuddie Brae 08/06/23

The Newbies win again!

The Newbies log another win without their star player!
Stef is now relegated to the subs bench!


It seems I forgot to screenshot the scoreboard, go figure! So no scoreboard to show this week.

However, … Read more....

Cuddie Brae 18/05/23

Hair Blair Bunch – No Money Back This Week!

Our Winners This Week – Hair Blair Bunch


The Hair Blair Bunch achieves a long-anticipated triumph with a sudden surge in the final moments. Despite playing commendably, The Lonely WinoRead more....

Cuddie Brae 27/04/23

Lonely Wino, how?

The Lonely Wino wins again after a long haul.

How does a super slow to answer, distracted, doodling wino win a quiz? Well, you have as much of a clue as I do.

There is no picture … Read more....