Hitmix Music Bingo

Music Bingo is an exciting twist on traditional bingo, where players mark off squares on their cards as music video tracks are played instead of numbers. Unlike traditional bingo, Music Bingo is designed to be inclusive, making it a great activity for anyone, regardless of their music knowledge. This game is also known by other names such as Bongo Bingo, Musical Bingo, Hitmix Bingo, Singalonga Bingo, and Rock and Roll Bingo.

Premier SpeedQuizzing Music Bingo

Even if you’re not a music expert, you can still enjoy playing Music Bingo. The game features the title of the song and artist displayed on a screen throughout, making it easy for all players to participate. In the event that a screen is not available at the venue, our team will provide one or verbally announce the title and artist as each song plays.

Great Fun For All

Guaranteed fun for everyone. Play along to win and singalong for fun!

Range of Music

We have curated an extensive collection of Music Bingo themes that cater to various genres and eras, including decades, Number 1’s, ROCK, RnB, Soul, Motown, TV, Kids TV, and many more. With such a diverse selection, every Music Bingo night is guaranteed to be unique and exciting. We are always open to suggestions for new themes to add to our collection. Additionally, all of our games feature music videos, making for an immersive and engaging experience for all players.

How To Play Music Bingo

A guide on how to play music bingo.

  • At PremierSQ Music Bingo, players have the flexibility to play with as many cards as they like.
  • Each card features boxes, similar to traditional bingo, with the title and/or artist of a famous song in each box.
  • Our quizmaster plays music videos on a live screen while the title and artist are displayed on the screen.
  • A list of music already played will scroll up the screen as a reference, just in case you are enjoying singing along and miss one.
  • If a live screen is unavailable, the quizmaster will call out the title and artist
  • Players mark off each track on their card as it’s played, aiming for one line, a specified pattern, or a full house.
  • Once a player completes their card, they shout out to claim their prize.
  • Our quizmaster will verify the ID number on the winning card and award the appropriate prize.
  • It’s that simple to enjoy an exciting game of Music Bingo!

How Many Games Do We Play

Premier Music Bingo offers a versatile entertainment option that can be incorporated into various events, such as quiz nights, race nights, fun games nights, and more. We can customize our presentation to fit the style and tone of your event, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for all attendees.

The number of games played in a night varies depending on the event’s duration and structure, typically ranging from one to six games. With our adaptable approach, Hitmix Bingo is an ideal option to elevate any occasion and create a memorable entertainment experience