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Buzzing Advanced

What is a Buzzing Advanced Round?


Similar to our Buzzing Classic round, in Buzzing Advanced we will ask you a question. To answer the question you will touch the screen of your device to buzz in. Your team name will appear on the live screen and your buzzer sound will be activated over our sound system.

As with any other question you can jump in and answer as early as you like. The fastest correct answer earns more points. It has been known for teams to buzz in before the question is read!

Your presenter will then approach you for an answer. If you appear to be taking too long to answer, your presenter will give you a 3-second countdown. If you don’t answer in that time, you are out!

What You Will See On Your Device


The scoring system of our Advanced Buzzing round is more complicated than in our Buzzing Classic round.

Given that we allocate 10 points to a correct answer.

  • If your answer is correct, you will be awarded 10 points.
  • If your answer is wrong, we will take 10 points away from you.
  • Before we tell you if you are correct or not, every other team will be able to vote whether they agree with your answer or not for 5 points
  • When voting, wait until the timer has started or your vote will not count, there is no speed bonus so no need to hurry
  • Unlike in other rounds, your screen display will not change once tapped, tap a few times to ensure your timing is correct

Speed Bonus

For an explanation of how the speed bonus works, click THIS LINK