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Speed Bonus

SpeedQuizzing is all about speed, it is all in the name.

Premier SpeedQuizzing Speed Bonus

Our questions aren’t designed for geniuses and you don’t have to have attended university to be able to play. Most people will be able to answer most questions in under 10 seconds. That is all the time you get

The quicker you answer, the more points you will score. You don’t have to wait until your quizmaster has finished reading the question before you can answer.

What is a Speed Bonus?

A speed bonus is a bonus point structure offering additional points based on how quickly a question is answered. We offer points following this structure.

Based on us offering 10 points for a correct answer

  • Every team answering correctly will get 10 points
  • Fastest will get an extra 5 points, totaling 15 points
  • Second fastest will get 4 extra points, totaling 14 points
  • Third fastest will get 3 extra points, totaling 13 points
  • Fourth fastest will get 2 extra points, totaling 12 points
  • The Fifth fastest will get 1 extra point, totaling 11 points
  • Everybody else is out of luck! Totaling 10 points if correct