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Take It Or Leave It

Take It Or Leave it is a game loosely based on Deal Or No Deal

How to Play Take It Or Leave It

  • This is a PC based game we play along with real props
  • We start off with 14 boxes, each with a cash value written inside
  • The winning prizes start at £1 up to a Jackpot value
  • A player is chosen at random
  • The game begins…….
  • The player chooses one box, ‘Home Box’ to set aside until the end
  • The player then chooses five boxes, one at a time, and opens them to reveal the value inside
  • As each value is revealed, it is removed from the game display
  • After the fifth box, the player is offered a prize to leave the game
  • The player can Take It or Leave It
  • If the prize is taken, then the game is over
  • If the prize is left we continue
  • We repeat the process with four boxes then three
  • Once we are left with the Home Box and one other box left after all the selections, the player must choose a box to eliminate
  • The player wins whatever value is shown inside the last box left