The Buccleuch 15/05/23

Crazy Mixed Up Kids!

Another win for the Crazy Mixed Up Kids

Another decent turn out again tonight. It was a fun night with all teams out for a bit of banter and a good laugh! We welcomed back Team Supreme for their third appearance.


The Crazy Mixed Up Kids have emerged triumphant in yet another nail-biting competition, showcasing their extraordinary abilities. The teams faced an exhilarating challenge, with the top five contenders constantly jostling for position during the final round of 20 questions. However, the Crazy Mixed Up Kids staged a remarkable comeback, sealing their victory. Their incredible display of talent defied all expectations, proving their unrivalled capabilities. Remarkably, they outperformed their competitors, surpassing all odds to secure the win.

Well OK, probably just a flash in the pan.

Nearest Wins

Once all the primary rounds were over, the Crazy Mixed Up Kids secured a narrow advantage that remained unchallenged as Team Supreme failed to seize the opportunity presented by the nearest wins question. The Lonely Wino gained the 100 points to propel them from last place (6th) to 4th, preventing another embarrassing finish.

Worst Team Of The Night

Tonight the crappy team award goes to The Wallaces finishing last. They have the privilege of owning the Joker card until their next quiz when they will be awarded a numpty bonus of 50 points.

Jackpot Games

Take It Or Leave It.

The Muckin Fuppets were lucky to be selected to play. After eliminating most of the lower-value boxes they managed to go home with a whole £7.

Next week the jackpot will be £30, good luck next week.

Music Bingo

Our theme this week was ‘On The Dancefloor in the 2000’s’ featuring videos of some of the best dancefloor songs from the decade of the 2000’s.

I am always looking for new themes to base the music bingo on so if any of you have any ideas, I’d like to hear them

We paid £6 for four corners and £14 for the full house.

Book Your Table Now!

If you would like to book a table to ensure you get a good position in the room then contact The Buccleuch on 0131 563 9901. Remember to tell them how many people will be coming. Also if you later find you cannot attend then call again to cancel. Please also respect that regular teams have their regular tables.

Get In Early!

It would be a great help if all teams could be there and ready for 645 pm. This will allow time to get any connection issues sorted and the handicapping in place and ready to start.

It’s good to see you all so eager to come along.

Let’s make it better by inviting some friends along!

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