The Buccleuch 08/05/23

The Lonely Wino Does It Again!

The Lonely Wino continues her winning streak

It’s good to see all the regulars back again.


At the end of the normal questions Dumb and Dumber were leading after a remarkable comeback. Going into the nearest wins question they lead by 9 points ahead of Muckin Fuppets with a chance for 4 teams to win. The Lonely Wino managed to get the closest guess to the right answer to win 100 points and take them to the top of the scoreboard for yet another win.

There was a nice wee grouping of teams at the top of the scoreboard with the others not far behind.

Nearest Wins

At the end of the standard rounds of questions, Dumb and Dumber held first place with a group behind looking to nick it on the nearest wins question. This was won by The Lonely Wino taking her to the top of the board for another win.

When I pre-read the nearest wins question it seemed to me that Dumb and Dumber were about to increase their lead to win on the night. The question asked was when was a public holiday for St Patricks Day was introduced. The answer was 1903 with The Lonely Wino guessing 1886 to win. A whole 17 years out and still getting the win resigning Dumb and Dumber to second place.

Worst Team Of The Night

Tonight the crappy team award goes to The Rejects finishing last. These guys are regular players but after being rejected by their regular team they decided to start their own. They have the privilege of owning the Joker card until their next quiz when they will be awarded a numpty bonus of 50 points. They are now also allocated their own handicap which will help them next time.

Jackpot Games

Take It Or Leave It.

The Rejects were lucky to be selected to play. It all started well by eliminating many of the £1 boxes to be left with mostly high value boxes. One by one, these started to fall leaving 2 boxes containing the winnings of £1.

Next week the jackpot will be £31, good luck next week.

Music Bingo

Our theme this week was Indie featuring videos of some of the best indie music songs since the 80’s right up to date.

I am always looking for new themes to base the music bingo on so if any of you have any ideas, I’d like to hear them

We paid £7 for four corners and £16 for the full house.

Book Your Table Now!

If you would like to book a table to ensure you get a good position in the room then contact The Buccleuch on 0131 563 9901. Remember to tell them how many people will be coming. Also if you later find you cannot attend then call again to cancel. Please also respect that regular teams have their regular tables.

Get In Early!

It would be a great help if all teams could be there and ready for 645 pm. This will allow time to get any connection issues sorted as well as the handicapping in place and ready to start.

It’s good to see you all so eager to come along.

Let’s make it better by inviting some friends along!

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