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Cuddie Brae SpeedQuiz

Cuddie Brae 07/09/23

The Boys From Brazil Are Back!

The Boys From Brazil won on their return!


It was a close-fought battle to the victory with The Boys From Brazil holding off the chasing pack for another win. There isn’t much between … Read more....

Cuddie Brae 08/06/23

The Newbies win again!

The Newbies log another win without their star player!
Stef is now relegated to the subs bench!


It seems I forgot to screenshot the scoreboard, go figure! So no scoreboard to show this week.

However, … Read more....

Cuddie Brae 18/05/23

Hair Blair Bunch – No Money Back This Week!

Our Winners This Week – Hair Blair Bunch


The Hair Blair Bunch achieves a long-anticipated triumph with a sudden surge in the final moments. Despite playing commendably, The Lonely WinoRead more....

Cuddie Brae 11/05/23

The Team With No Name Breaks the Wino’s Winning Streak!

The Team With No Name – It’s been a while!


Team With No Name secures a much-awaited victory, ending The Lonely Wino‘s winning streak. Bells Bairns also impressed … Read more....

Cuddie Brae 04/05/23

Two Weeks On The Trot?


We’re experiencing a flurry of close finishes lately. The Lonely Wino has come out on top for the second consecutive week, with Team With No Name and Newbies trailing closely behind heading into the … Read more....