Cuddie Brae 07/09/23

The Boys From Brazil Are Back!

The Boys From Brazil won on their return!


It was a close-fought battle to the victory with The Boys From Brazil holding off the chasing pack for another win. There isn’t much between first and last place again this week so it would only take a small turn in in couple of questions to totally change the scoreboard. All credit to ‘The Boys’ on their return performance.

The Newbies had a disaster going by their normal standards. Not really far behind on points but last place just doesn’t look good.

Worst Team Of The Night

The Newbies take the honour of being the CRAP TEAM of the night, 50 numpty points next week!

Music Bingo

There was a decent prize fund up for grabs this week, the line was paid at £29 and the full house at £67.

I was asked to post the track listing of the music bingo so please see below.

Jackpot Games

We had no jackpot winner this week

Book Your Table Now!

Due to the increasing number of teams attending the quiz, it is now more important than ever to book your tables in advance. We have a large number of regular teams, and even a few irregular ones showing up on busy nights can fill up the Cuddie Brae quickly.
To ensure a spot, we suggest reserving your favourite table through the Cuddie Brae booking site at least a week in advance.
If you are looking to attend regularly, please speak to Nick, who will be happy to help you get a regular booking.

Book Your Table Now

Direct link to the Cuddie Brae booking page: Book | Cuddie Brae | Greene King Local Pubs (

If you leave it too late and can’t book online, contact the Cuddie Brae directly by Facebook or phone on 0131 657 1212. You never know, your table ‘might’ still be available.

Get In Early!

It would be greatly appreciated if all teams could arrive and be ready by 7:15 pm. This will allow time to resolve any connection issues and implement the handicapping system before the quiz begins.

It is important to let Nick at the Cuddie know if you have a table booked and cannot attend for any reason. This helps with table management and avoids any unnecessary issues.

Please make sure to inform Nick if you cannot attend. Not only will this help with table management at future quizzes, but Nick will also appreciate your cooperation.

It’s good to see you all so eager to come along.

Let’s make it better by inviting some friends along!

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